Green Aventurine Tumble Stones

Aventurine Tumble Stones

Aventurine is a type of quartz with particles of mica, hematite or a platy mineral. The most common colour is green, but can also be orange, red or peach.

Metaphysical : Applied to the heart chakra, it activates and clears as well as providing a shield to prevent energy drainage. An all-round healer bringing emotional calm and well-being. It alleviates anxiety and fear, amplifies leadership qualities and enhances tranquillity and peace. A great stone to use when wanting to manifest new beginnings – a heart Chakra stone.

These are small tumble stones and sold as individual units.

There may be colour variations to the photos. All our gemstones are natural and may therefor have natural fault lines or inclusions of other natural material / minerals. This makes each stone more special



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