Selenite with Chakra Stones

Selenite with Chakra Stones

Selenite slab with chakra stones.

Selenite is a  variety of gypsum –  a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.  Selenite is white and transparent and often forms where water has evaporated from a solution, leaving behind the mineral deposits.


Selenite brings calmness & deep peace, as well as mental clarity and assisting in clearing confusion. It reveals the bigger picture. Also, a protective stone that shields a person or space from outside influences and negativity & evokes protection from the angelic realms.

Chakras represent the seven(7) personal energy centres of your body- these affect your well-being. It is believed that Chakras regulate all functions of your body, mind, and spirit.

Our stock are sold as individual units.

There may be colour variations to the photos. All our gemstones are natural and may therefor have natural imperfections or inclusions of other natural material / minerals. This make each stone more special. 

Dimensions: 110mm x 25mm x 15mm



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